At 11 years old, girls and boys pursue STEM in equal numbers. But at the age of 15, girls drop out at alarming rates due to hurtful stereotypes. By the time that men and women reach the workforce, men outnumber women in STEM 72% to 28%. So, we created a groundbreaking 360 campaign centered around an inclusive gaming experience for girls in an otherwise male-dominated space. The overall design embraced the chaotic, messy, experimental, and inclusive nature of STEM which worked well across multiple different platforms. Girls were able to attend a live concert in Minecraft with singer songwriter Ruth B. After the concert, we then challenged girls to hack a site to score some fun STEM gear.

We had participation from 19 different countries, a 100% player retention rate, and ended up with 650 hours of total playing time in the Minecraft world all built by girls. SUCCESS.

Case study viewed here.